Value Recovery Management Solutions for Retail Returns

Generate maximum revenue from your products returning from retail sources.
Our offering to manufacturers or distributors of consumer products comprises a one-stop-solution to recover maximum value from products returning from retail sources. Following an asset-light and independent business model, we tailor comprehensive solutions through bundling and managing a wide collection of services, each provided by specialized and carefully selected partners. Based on our expertise and business tradition, our focus is on consumer electronic and electric equipment but we are ready to replicate our set-up easily to the treatment of other consumer goods.

End-to-end solution

Our modular scope ranges from product pick-up to remarketing, including data wiping and refurbishment activities.

  • We organize The Reverse Logistics of your products deemed to be returns right at your retailer or provide mail-in solutions.
  • Immediate sorting of the products facilitates an efficient routing and adequate treatment, following our maxim to recover maximum values.
  • Product refurbishment includes cleaning, testing, packaging and repair according to our partners’ requirements, manufacturers’ technical specifications and standards regarding product safety and optimal product performance.
  • For data bearing devices, we include best-in class data wiping services as a standard, irrespective of final disposition of the assets. 
  • We offer trade-in and remarketing services assuring best pricing conditions and remarketing through a safe and controlled sales process to assure brand protection.  Remarketing services are available not only for whole units but also parts, or recovered material fractions. 

Integrated Management

Throughout the whole process, RLG acts as supervisor and serves as a single point of contact for our clients. Facilitated by our IT platform and our process management capabilities, core features of all our Value Recovery Management Solutions for Retail Returns are:

  • Transparency & Documentation: All products are tracked per unit at every stage of the process; activities are recorded including possibly test and repair reports.
    The information collected over time can be provided to our Customer, enabling business intelligence and data mining activities in order to improve decision making processes for any future returns management activities.
  • Consistency: RLG designs a consistent, centralized solution by establishing and implementing standards and integrating all activities into one overall process scheme.
  • Quality management: All service partners are carefully selected and audited on a regular basis. In combination with harmonized standards and full documentation, RLG assures a persistent high level of service and product quality.


With our Value Recovery Management Solutions we help to take away the hassle of retail returns and turn them into additional value: on-top revenue, extra clients, additional business intelligence. Be it laptops, navigation systems, gaming consoles, televisions, speakers or other consumer product – we are ready to design and operate a beneficial solution for returns from retail sources, tailored to your product and business need.

Our local sales manager is here to assist you in designing your customized solution.

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