Hi-tech & Electronics

Electronic products differ in size, weight, value and complexity being sold through various channels. Selecting the right service with the right timing and reporting are key to successfully managing your reverse logistics. This could lead to many processes and services to be managed. RLG Returns Management Solutions integrates all these processes making available through a single platform.

By ensuring your end-customers are enabled with a clear and convenient returns process, you will be able to turn your return process into a positive brand experience. A good customer experience could lead to repurchase opportunities and increased brand loyalty. We are aware that you already know this very well, however take a moment to think about it again.

  • RLG Returns Management Solutions, as the leading Supply Chain and Service Integrator, is able to offer you a single integrated platform, saving on managing multiple partners and suppliers. We reduce the complexity of Returns Management and provide full insight in the returns process via standard and custom reporting options. By optimizing processes and services with our solutions, we reduce your total spend on Logistics, Customer service and Back-office processes.
  • We are able to further increase your visibility, control and value recovery with different services in our local return centers such as product registration, warranty check, integration with refurbishment, repair, and value recovery services. 



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Main characteristics:

  • Solution for manufacturers, retailers and channel partners
  • Unique combination of IT platform and Logistics
  • RLG IT Platform as a Service for ultimate customer experience
  • International solutions with core activities in Europe
  • B2B and C2B returns solutions
  • Optimization, centrally managed with central and local return solutions
  • Choice of returns services: drop-off, pick-up, send-in
  • Proven cases by serving well-known Hi-Tech companies
  • Flexible in setup, selection of services and growth paths
  • End-to-end transparency and control
  • Solving complexity while reducing total cost of ownership