Whether you operate as a traditional retailer, e-tailer or you are a brand owner, in order to improve the customer’s experience it is essential to provide a transparent and customer-friendly return solution, whilst optimizing bottom line results. 

  • Whether you operate as a traditional Retailer, e-tailer or you are a Brand owner, accelerating the customer experience by providing a convenient, transparent and customer-friendly return solutions, are all essential components of your overall offering and proposition.
  • With our international return solutions, your customer will experience an enhanced level of customer service, stimulating repurchase intentions and increasing your conversion rates.
  • Via our Reverse Logistics platform we provide you with transparency and control, enabling you to offer local and international services in many different international markets, driving bottom line results.
  • We fulfil your return requirements looking at many aspects, such as: speed, customer convenience, cultural differences and available budgets.
  • We optimize your multi-channel return flow and add value with services like smart sorting, content checks and integrations with repair and remarketing both locally or centrally.


Our Returns Management advisor is here to assist you in designing your customized solution.

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Your benefits

  • Easy and quick to setup, cost effective and flexible return platforms
  • Visibility through track-and-trace and providing easy to manage inbound flow of returns in your distribution / fulfilment center(s)
  • Existing international solutions with local look and feel
  • Reduced threshold to buy & increase trust through enhanced return experience
  • More value with smarter services; flexible sorting, content checks, integration 3rd parties
  • Proven track record with many well-known successful brands