We are a leading Chain & Service Integrator. We offer international Reverse Logistics solutions that reduce the complexity and cost of returns management. We create value for our clients and boost their customers satisfaction – resulting in brand loyalty and retention.

Returns Management Solutions

Our solutions are set up to cater for all core/support processes and integrates international logistics and decentral/local reverse centers into one single IT platform. Whilst we focus pre-dominantly on reverse logistics, we deliver sustainable high customer experience, value return and process efficiency with highly innovative IT solutions and data management.

Our aim is to reduce the impacts of returns management on your customer service, finance, logistics and resources allocated to managing your returns, by providing you with the insight and creating value out of returns, whilst driving costs down with our broad portfolio of returns solutions.


Whether you operate as a traditional retailer, e-tailer or you are a brand owner, in order to improve the customer’s experience it is essential to provide a transparent and customer-friendly return solution, whilst optimizing bottom line results. 

Service Management Returns

Defective products could have a strong impact on your brand image. The end-customer’s perception of your company is shaped by how issues are resolved. Our solutions drive costs down, while creating value and increasing customer satisfaction. 

Parts Returns

We support Service Engineers and end-users with efficient return solutions for sending back spare parts and equipment. End-users benefit from a convenient return solution for sending back Customer Replaceable Units (CRU), while Service Engineers are supported with easy accessible return networks.

Product Recall

Product recalls are a liability for organizations. The potential risks are very high for a negative impact on brand value and future sales. Too often organizations have limited visibility only over the reverse logistics chain, preventing containment of the recall issue and actively taking control.

End of Life Returns Solutions

End-of-life returns could be an opportunity to sell a new product and build a strong client relationship. Corporate social responsibilities and legislation demand manufacturers to take back products out of the market. Offering cost efficient solutions for returns ranging from products, to consumables and parts.

Integrated Returns Management

RLG offers tailor-made end-to-end return solutions, integrating all of your after-sales requirements. We focus on international operating companies, where we reduce complexity and cost, driving your client’s satisfaction.

Our Core Industry Sectors

Whether you sell products through your online channel, your physical stores or via your distributors, products are bound to come back at some point in its life-cycle. Your customers need to have a positive returns experience to build and maintain a good relationship with your brand.

We currently serve clients in eCommerce & Retail, Fashion & Apparel, Hi-Tech & Electronics and Printing & Imaging industries. Our clients chose to work with us because of our flexibility to create, change and adapt services depending on their requirements and their markets. Whether it is cost, speed to market, customer service or a combination, RLG Returns Management Solutions has the experience and the proven capabilities to service your Reverse Logistics requirements.

Hi-Tech & Electronics

Electronic products differ in size, weight, value and complexity being sold through various channels. Selecting the right service with the right timing and reporting are key to successfully managing your reverse logistics. This could lead to many processes and services to be managed. RLG integrates all these processes making available through a single platform.

Fashion & Apparel

Due to critical consumers and demands, shortening life cycles, seasonal peaks and overstock, returns management becomes more crucial for your organization. RLG offers flexible and cost efficient return solutions internationally, with a local look and feel, whilst improving the customer experience.

E-commerce & Retail

Consumer experience is key when offering a return option to your customer. Offering the right service is often driven by your competitive landscape, rules and legislation. Dealing with constraints in your supply chain such as time, visibility, floor space and resources; RLG Returns Management Solutions  is able to offer flexible and scalable solutions internationally for both B2C and B2B.

Printing & Imaging

For the Printing & Imaging industry RLG offers compliant return solutions. Whether your requirements are set by your corporate responsibilities, your marketing and loyalty programs or service departments, We are able to manage your return programs, supported by our single management platform.