14 December 2016

New service: IT Asset Recovery Solutions (ARS)

RLG Asset Recovery Solutions (ARS) is a new service offering providing customers with the logistics and processing capabilities to resell, recycle or return to lease their End of Life IT electronic equipment.

Through our network of on-boarded and audited partners we can deliver customers with a globally consistent standardized solution to dispose of their assets while protecting data, the environment and potentially providing them with residual value.  We handle the process from collection through to final disposition of each asset.

This service is for any customer who uses IT electronic equipment, has a refresh policy or who stores obsolete equipment.....so why should customers buy this service?

  • Data Security  - A 3 x pass data wipe is provided as standard
  • Regulatory Compliance - We handle the logistics of properly disposing of legacy IT equipment in an environmentally sensitive way that meets or exceeds regulatory guidelines
  • Reporting - Provision of Confirmation of Disposal reports verifying that data was removed or destroyed and that all assets recycled met or exceeded local legislation/regulation
  • Residual Value - End of life assets may have residual value.  Our resale service provides assessment of all assets processed and their residual value generated will be returned to the customer on completion of the service.
  • Multi-Vendor and Multi-Product – The service is available for all data bearing devices irrespective of manufacturer/brand– devices include: laptops, desktops, printers, photocopiers, server’s, mobility devices, loose hard drives.... and all associated peripherals.

So if you require more information or have a customer you feel may be interested in this service please check out our website or contact



  Kate Casey