07 July 2015

Expert report: Transparency through IT is one of the main drivers of the logistics industry

A report recently published by the "Logistikweisen", a panel of experts from logistics science and industry, identifies the main drivers of logistics and examines their effect on the logistics volume in Euro. It reveals that the information technology, but also the fields of e-commerce, complexity, demographics and globalization impact the logistics market in Germany in the most decisive way.

The report is a result of two conferences and meetings of experts; amongst them RLG's CEO Patrick Wiedemann. It now serves as basis for a forecast report that will be finalized at the next panel summit scheduled in autumn.

Visibility is named as the key argument to reason the growing importance of IT in logistics: all stakeholders identified enhancing transparency in their supply chain to be a main target for improvements. Meanwhile, the report sees the inadequate integration of logistics and IT in many organizations to remain a central obstacle. It is caused by well-known problems such as different file formats but also differences in terms of information needs.

The full report is available for download here: http://www.dvz.de/logistikweisen

As an independent logistics management and outsourcing partner, RLG is ready to add integration and transparency to any field of reverse logistics. All existing client processes and possibly also service partner networks are integrated into one system solution and transparently bundled through IT platforms. As a result, all material flows and connected costs become transparent – not only in regards to logistics but also to environmental reporting. Due to system platform solutions RLG also achieves greater agility and flexibility, making it possible to adapt processes to changing circumstances in a very quick and efficient way.

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