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07 May 2014

Safety first: CCR REBAT offers a worry-free transport of hazardous lithium-ion batteries on behalf of innovative “PyroBubbles”

Lithium-ion batteries (Li-ion) are booming. After mobile phones and laptops, they are also powering E-bikes and cars. What few people know: this battery technology does offer the highest power density - but it is also truly a fire hazard. CCR Logistics Systems AG (CCR) – a subsidiary of the Reverse Logistics Group (RLG) – is now offering absolutely safe and reliable transport and recycling solutions from one source for Li-ion batteries which have been heavily damaged by accidents: a special container system with heat-absorbing “PyroBubbles” allows handling damaged Li-ion batteries safe and sound.

No matter whether it is a mobile phone, tablet, e-bike or electrical car: lithium-ion batteries can be found virtually everywhere because their power density also beats other battery technologies such as lead, nickel metal hybrid or sodium nickel chloride by a whole lot. Laptops with Li-ion batteries no hold power for up to one work day without a power supply. It is no surprise that more and more electronic devices and E-vehicles worldwide are certified with Li-ion technology. In its product roadmap Lithium-ion batteries 2030, the Fraunhofer Institutes assumes a possible triplication of the Li-ion battery market within the period of 2010 to 2015.

But where there is light, there is also shadow. Or in this case: where there is Li-ion energy, there is also a fire hazard. That is because damaged lithium-ion batteries mean a major safety risk because they ignite very easily. Therefore there are special safety and transport regulations for this battery type - which only few know about and even fewer can meet.

It is particularly in this area where CCR REBAT, as an experienced supplier, is committed to the return and recycling of batteries and rechargeable batteries throughout Europe: CCR has decades of experience in collecting, sorting, disassembling and recycling batteries using IT-supported process handling and thereby efficiently and reliably closing raw material cycles.

By using the PyroBubbles -LIONGUARD technology, CCR is now able to easily transport even Li-ion batteries in a modern and safe way -regardless of whether it is damaged or hazardous - and to process it for high-quality recycling. The PyroBubbles-LIONGUARD system has been developed according to the specific requirements of L-ion batteries. It consists of special containers and a granular fire extinguishing media – the so called PyroBubbles which will be placed all around the battery. The PyroBubbles primarily consist of quartz (silicone dioxide) and are extremely heat-resistant up to temperatures of 1050 degrees Celsius. As they extinguish possible flames or explosions within seconds, they are a certified and approved fire extinguishing media.

On behalf of the customer, CCR takes over the processes prescribed under hazardous material laws and required to transport every battery type in the event of damages. This ensures that the li-ion batteries brought into circulation by the customer can be transported with a certified packaging method in the event of damages. CCR offers its return and recycling services for all types and sizes of the lithium-ion batteries, from small round cell batteries up to the largest rechargeable batteries currently on the market.

Finally lead and lithium-ion batteries may be very different, but they have one thing in common: the sophisticated, logistical recycling process by CCR along the battery life phases. CCR customers just call the hotline – the rest is taken care of by the most efficient CCR logistics  network. A transport box will be sent or the battery will be picked up quickly and easily. The damaged batteries are quickly transported away and recycled. The customers have met all regulations and requirements, receive a report and have the good feeling that every hazard has been eliminated – there are neither human injuries nor financial or even image damages.


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