The State of Oregon has enacted Oregon’s Electronics Recycling Law (ORS 459A.300-.365) that requires manufacturers of desktop computers, portable computers, monitors and televisions (“Covered Electronic Devices” or “CEDs”) whose products are sold in the State to participate in a recycling program.

The Oregon Law requires the creation of a statewide collection, transportation, and recycling system where consumers desiring to recycle any brand of CED can drop CED at designated locations at no charge and the manufacturers pay the fees associated with the recycling services provided to consumers.

Reverse Logistics Group Americas (RLGA) provides a group plan: “Manufacturers’ Group Plan – powered by RLGA” (MGP), approved by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.

Click here to view the collection sites operated by MGP, where consumers can recycle their CEDs.

More information about Oregon E-Cycles, the program created by Oregon’s Electronics Recycling Law and overseen by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality can be found at http://www.oregonecycles.org.


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