District of Columbia

The District of Columbia has enacted the Sustainable Solid Waste Management Act of 2014.  The Act requires manufacturers of covered electronic equipment, whose products are sold in the District, to register and participate in a recycling program.  For general information, please see the District of Columbia Department of Energy and Environment’s website.

Covered electronic equipment covered under the Act includes:  desktop and laptop computers, tablets, E-readers, small-scale servers, portable digital music players that are battery powered, computer monitors, mice, keyboards, computer speakers, desktop printers, televisions, VCRs, DVD players, DVRs, signal converter boxes, cable and satellite receivers, and gaming consoles used with TVs. In addition to covered electronic equipment, mobile phones will also be accepted at events.

Below is a list of 2021 collection events where District of Columbia consumers (residents, small business and non-profits) can drop off covered electronic equipment for recycling. All events will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., rain or shine.

Please note that event dates marked with * are tentative; check our website for updates as the event dates draw closer.

Date Event location Ward
1/30/2021* Collection vehicle on corner of Georgia Ave NW & Howard Pl NW (near Banneker Community Center) 1
2/13/2021* Collection vehicle on 7th St NW between O St NW & P St NW (near Kennedy Recreation Center) 2
2/20/2021* Collection vehicle on Van Ness St NW & 45th St NW (near Friendship Recreation Center) 3
2/27/2021* Collection vehicle on corner of Van Buren St NW & 4th St NW (near Takoma Community Center) 4
3/6/2021* Collection vehicle on Rand Pl NE, east of 24th St NE (near Arboretum Community Center) 5
3/13/2021* Collection vehicle on Gale St NE between 17th St NE & 18th St NE (near Rosedale Community Center) 6
3/20/2021* Collection vehicle on corner of Southern Ave SE & Fable St (near Benning Park Community Center) 7
3/27/2021* Collection vehicle on corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Ave & Elmira St SW (near Fort Greble Recreation Center) 8
4/10/2021* Collection vehicle on V St NW between 13th St NW & 14th St NW (near Harrison Playground) 1
4/24/2021* Collection vehicle on 23rd St NW between Bancroft Pl NW & S St NW (near Mitchell Park) 2
5/1/2021* Collection vehicle on Sherier Pl NW between Edmunds Pl NW & Dana Pl NW (near Palisades Community Center) 3
5/8/2021* Collection vehicle on corner of Kennedy St & Colorado Ave NW (near Uptown Farmer's Market) 4
5/15/2021* Collection vehicle on Monroe St NE (south of Brookland Monroe St. Farmer's Market) 5
5/22/2021* Collection vehicle on I St NW (east of Mount Vernon Triangle Farmer's Market) 6
6/5/2021* Collection vehicle on 41st St SE between Alabama Ave SE & Fort Dupont St SE (near Fort Davis Recreation Center) 7
6/19/2021* Collection vehicle on corner of Sumner Rd SE & Wade Rd SE (near Barry Farm Recreation Center) 8
7/10/2021* Collection vehicle on corner of Euclid St NW & Champlain St NW (near Adams Morgan Community Center) 1
7/17/2021* Collection vehicle on corner of 34th St NW & Volta Pl NW (Near Volta Park Recreation Center) 2
7/31/2021* Collection vehicle on Connecticut Ave NW between Northampton St NW & McKinley St NW (near Chevy Chase Community Center) 3
8/7/2021* Collection vehicle on corner of Georgia Ave NW & Madison St NW (near Emery Heights Community Center) 4
8/21/2021* Collection vehicle on Harry Thomas Way NE between R St NE and Q St NE (near Alethia Tanner Park) 5
8/28/2021* Collection vehicle on corner of N St SW & First St SW (near King Greenleaf Recreation Center) 6
9/18/2021* Collection vehicle on Ord St NE (near Kenilworth Rec Center Farmer's Market) 7
9/25/2021* Collection vehicle on Frederick Douglass Court SE, north of Bruce Pl SE (near Douglass Community Center) 8
10/2/2021* Collection vehicle on corner of Georgia Ave NW & Howard Pl NW (near Banneker Community Center) 1
10/9/2021* Collection vehicle on I St NW between 20th St NW & Pennsylvania Ave NW (north of James Monroe Park) 2
10/23/2021* Collection vehicle on Calvert St NW between 40th Pl NW & 39th Pl NW (south of Stoddert Recreation Center) 3
10/30/2021* Collection vehicle on 33rd St NW between Quesada St NW & Patterson St NW (near Lafayette Recreation Center) 4
11/6/2021* Collection vehicle on Franklin St NE between Lincoln Rd NE & 4th St NE (north of Edgewood Recreation Center) 5
11/13/2021* Collection vehicle on D St SE between 2nd St SE & 3rd St SE (south of Folger Park) 6
11/20/2021* Collection vehicle on 61st St NE between Banks Pl NE & East Capitol St NE (west of Marvin Gaye Recreation Center) 7
12/4/2021* Collection vehicle on corner of Joliet St and Martin Luther King Jr Ave SW (near Bald Eagle Recreation Center) 8