Canada Services

RLG Americas provides a one stop solution for manufacturers, first importers and retailers with compliance, returns, and recycling obligations across all Canadian provinces and EPR product categories (ie: WEEE, batteries, packaging, paint, lighting and more).  Our service offering includes:

Compliance Services

  • Legislative monitoring
  • Product data management
  • Registration & reporting
  • Financial Services (pay invoices)

Reporting Services

  • Electronics stewardship programs
  • Battery stewardship programs
  • Packaging stewardship programs
  • Other programs (paint, lights, HHW, appliances)

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Ontario Producer Responsibility Services – Preparing for Change

RLG Americas offers a full-service environmentally responsible platform for Ontario WEEE producers required to meet the changing regulatory and recycling obligations presented by the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act. Although final regulations regarding the Act are pending, we are here to help you better understand and prepare for the new responsibilities and deadlines producers will face prior to implementation of the law on January 1, 2021.

Unlike the existing WEEE EPR (extended producer responsibility) program managed by Ontario Electronic Stewardship, the law requires an IPR (individual producer responsibility) focused program model which moves full responsibility and financial accountability for environmentally responsible collection and recycling of WEEE supplied into Ontario directly to producers.

RLG Americas has more than a decade of experience and expertise managing regulatory and volunteer producer take back programs for major electronics manufacturers across Canada, the United States, and Latin America.  Our goal is to ensure continued compliance and cost-competitive solutions for all affected WEEE producers, no matter how large or small.

We can assist obligated producers navigate the regulatory requirements of the law through:

  • Assistance with annual registration and reporting to the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority (RPRA).
  • Establishment and ongoing management of a customized collection and recycling network to satisfy all convenience and weight-based goals. 
  • Tracking and auditing of WEEE collection, processing, recovery and chain of custody activities used to meet customer targets.
  • Ongoing monitoring of relevant regulatory or program changes in Ontario.

To learn more about RLG Americas and how Ontario’s new WEEE regulation may affect your company contact us at or (888) 298-3061.