Take-back Management, RLG Americas, resource recovery

Take-back Management

RLG Americas implements and operates global resource recovery solutions that focus on maximization of resource recovery through whole system reuse, component reuse or commodity material recovery. We take responsibility for full auditing obligations and programs, with the flexibility to use manufacturer’s currently approved auditing partners.


RLG Americas take-back management consists of the following service components:


Collection and logistics

Collection will be set up according to city and state legislative requirements. Collection methods include mail-back programs, collection events, set up of physical collection points and pick-up service.

Existing collection points (e.g. retail outlets), mail-back programs, and other collection methods can be incorporated into the take-back network.

If required, containers for collection (e.g. at collection events or at physical collection points) will be provided.

Depending on collection volumes, collected materials will be consolidated or stored to minimize transportation.

Transportation will be performed according to legal requirements and in a manner that ensures efficient use of transport resources.


Mail-back program

In case there is no sufficient collection infrastructure available, consumers may want to return dedicated products by mail. RLG Americas mail-back services allow requesting a shipment label through an online platform and managing the downstream handling of the shipment accordingly.


Reuse, Recycling, and Disposal

Recycling and reuse will be performed following all federal, state, and local legal requirements and according to internationally recognized environmental, labor, and ethical standards as well as manufacturer requirements.

Material not suitable for reuse or recycling will be disposed of according to legal requirements.


Proof of recovery

Records from subcontractors (collection points, transporters, and recyclers) will be collected and archived and made available as required.


Web-based order processing

RLGA will provide a Web-based application for order processing, accessible by all parties involved in the program, including manufacturers and subcontractors. Access privileges will be put in place to manage information security.

The application is used for order management, documentation of material flow, record keeping, and reporting to manufacturer and authorities.


Auditing and quality management

Auditing and quality management will be fulfilled according to state legislation.

Further auditing requirements from customers can be included.


Continuous improvement

Based on performed audits and general process optimization, RLGA will run a continuous improvement process to ensure efficient, environmentally friendly, and economically successful operations.